You Cannot Make Money Online
Not Like This & Not With These…


Make Money Online?


IMBlackBox is Live! And what a strange way to start our 1st article here, don’t you think?

But if you ever been suck into the game of Make Money Online or the Internet Marketing (IM) Niche, you will probably agree with what I am going to reveal in the next few moments.

And if you are about to plunge into this game or have no idea of what I am talking about, then what  I am going to share with you here will Save you Tons of Money and Frustrations, so please read carefully…

Here’s the truth, You Cannot Make Money Online as easy as what those  so called “Internet Marketing GURUS” told you.

  • You Cannot Make Money Online with Any Miracle Software with a few mouse Clicks!
  • You Cannot Make Money Online by using “Loop Holes” of any kind!
  • You Cannot Make Money Online by Maxing Out Your Credits to “Get ALL In” to some Network or MLM Opportunities.
  • No, You Cannot Make Money Online simply by buying yet another ebook, software, overpriced coaching,  joining a “winning” team, using facebook, twitter, social media, PPC, Ad sense,Blogging, Auto-Blogging, You Tube Videos marketing, building authority sites….etc.

Yes! If you want to know, I had done all that ( Or most of it) and all they left me is an empty pocket and suffered severe information overload!

Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff I mentioned above do works!( To a certain extend.), but they are NEVER as easy as what the “fake gurus” promised you in their great looking sales pages and sales message.

So Why Are There So Many Stories Of People Who Claim To Make Money Online And Become Filthy Rich?

To start with, claims are claims! Its an aged old marketing tactics for savvy marketers who used testimonials from everyday people, actors to even celebrities to promote all kinds of service and products. This DON’t just happened in the online world, it’s everywhere around us. From the regular Informercial on TVs, “Advertorial” on magazines, even behind and in front the cover of every “best seller” books you can find in the good old Barnes s and Noble book store.

But when these tactics are used online, especially in the make money online or internet marketing niche, things can really go “out of control”  pretty often I must say.

Heck! I mean you can easily find Tons, I Mean TONS of Fake IM Products Reviews on a very “legitimate” looking review sites! You can find them on very active online forums, or some busy facebook groups and even youtube videos as well. Now, do you know that you can easily pay just 5 dollar for someone to do a “Real Life” Video reviews for almost any  stuff  that you are selling? So By All Means, Keep Your Eyes and Ears WIDE OPENED!

The REAL Problem With The Make Money Online Niche

But the real problem is not about whether those “Claims” are real or fake to start with! See, when you are lured by the “Fake Gurus” sales pitch into buying one or more of their crappy products and services, believing that that all things will become mouse click easy and fast to make money online, then prepare yourself to get burnt….for quite a number of times! I know because that’s what happened to me!

Make Money Online - Intriguing but not a game for everyone!

Here’s one truth from my own experience, you CAN make money online but it will take a considerable amount of energy, resource and hard work Just To Get Things REALLY S-T-A-R-T-E-D!

The only good news though, is that if you can get the Essential Marketing and Business Fundamentals Basic right from the start and can  “Bite Through” the initial grind, chances are…things will become easier and more interesting as you progress.

Having that said, i will urge you NOT TO GET involved into Internet Marketing or any Make Money Online Niche!

Really,  if you are NOT willing to Bite Through The Initial Grind just to get started and are NOT COOL with receiving tons of emails, offers, suffered information  overload  a couple of times and NOT COOL with FAILING even after going through all that and putting in tons of effort, Then Just Let It Go, right here, right now!

Because you see…making money online from the comfort of your own computer, as intriguing as it may sounds, can be for anyone but they are NOT really for everybody!

So What Do I Suggest If You Still Want To Make Money Online?

Well…If after reading til now, you are still all keen and enthusiastic about starting what I like to called your “online venture” ( AKA, the adventure of looking for ways to make money online) , then my best suggestion is to do what I do, as follows:

1.)Start from Scratch with a Beginner’s Mind(If you are a struggling marketers)
2.)QUIT the Mindless Learning and Buying Of Miracle Products ASAP!
4.)Learn to Understand The Essential Marketing Fundamentals(IMPORTANT!)

5.)Master one business or model first! (Easier Said Than Done But Critical!)
6.)Document your experience on your own self hosted blog then…
7.)Adapt, Improvise and Recreate as you goes!

Last piece of advice… Don’t give up too soon, but don’t hold on too long either…well this advice alone will need a whole new post to deal with. :)

So Tell me…

-Have you been suck into the Make Money Online game before?

-Have you suffered information overload like me or have you succeeded?

-Is there One Business or One Method that you have been using that put you into the 3% successful to really make money online or even making a living with it?

Share with me by Leaving a Reply Below,  according to your free will. 

And if you want, you can also post the Single Most Pressing Question that holds you back from your online venture to me.

Hey! I don’t have all the answers, but I promise that  I will put in an effort to find you one or see what I can do to help.

Jason Ser

P/S: If you finally decided to quit your Mindless Learning and start from scratch with Essential Basic of Marketing for your online venture, you can go here to learn a few useful stuff in our Marketing Black Box archive or you can  Watch This Video to add some spice to Your Mind Today :)



5 Responses to “You Cannot Make Money Online
Not Like This & Not With These…”

  • There are many many ways to earn money online that are NOT scams and many that people portray as scam are really because the people are not well educated and some people just think they are goin got make money just by joining. Now I am not saying that there are some that arent scams but honestly if people just did their research it would make all the difference.

  • Jen

    You are completely right in saying that it is almost impossible to make money on-line like those gurus’s promise. The only thing those guru’s are doing is stringing you in for some money, so that they can spit you out with some old information that you could have found on-line for free. I however, do think that you can make money on-line but it definitely takes a lot of time and dedication. I know that ad sense works, and I know that having a blog/website also works, but you definitely have to differentiate yours out from underneath all of the other millions that are out there.

    I think what people need to look at is what they are good at, and what people are demanding. I would rather get paid to help another person with their website then create one of my own. I would rather devote myself to a small knowledge area and become an expert in that field then try myself at a whole range of different marketing strategies, in order to make money. It is true that we must learn one model at a time, and then work that model to its fullest extent.

    I also believe that it is extremely hard to make a living off of on-line unless you are an expert in a certain field. I know a person who makes their living off of SEO, Google Ad-words Campaigns, and Website building because that is what they are good at and it works for them.

    You really just need to find what you are good at on-line and use the right tools to help you.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      ” I would rather devote myself to a small knowledge area and become an expert in that field then try myself at a whole range of different marketing strategies, in order to make money” This is one very good advice you have here, Jen, thanks.

  • Kathleen M.

    I’ve started several websites, after hearing that money could be made from them. You are right, though – it takes an extraordinary amount of time to create and maintain a great website. I think the biggest issue, though, is how to monetize it once you have it up and running. People think that it happens automatically since there are millions of people online. But I think that is exactly the problem – there are also million of WEBSITES online, so you have to differentiate yours in a strong way.

  • Carey Stanwood

    The concept of “information overload” is relatively new for the “Internet generation” — but is a very real danger, I think. Having SO much information at our fingertips at every single moment of life tends to dilute the information that is actually valuable. And yes, it turns into an overload to our brain and I think will eventually cause us to start “shutting down” and trying to escape from it all.

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