Bigger Life Mindful Rants
The Archetype of Magical Effect In Action!

The Archetype of

Magical Effect

& Other Mindful (Or Mindless) Rants  

Isn’t it amazing? That out of a zillion chances…you click and surf your way here?
Isn’t it amazing? That out of the millions souls…you happened to come to know me?
Isn’t it amazing? That every route you walked, every thought you had, every decision you made; and every action you took before; lead you to arrive here and now?

Life is filled with mysterious stories of chance meetings, overheard conversation, and random inspirations that may lead us effortlessly to the treasure or opportunity that we seek. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called it the Archetype of Magical Effect and believes that it was a universal trait in humans.

The Archetype of Magical Effect and Yuan Fen

To many, the archetype of magical effect is hard to understand, but to the more romantic, its as real as it gets! There is also a very interesting Chinese Notion called “Yuan Fen” which is quite similar to Carl Jung’s Archetype of  Magical Effect  theory.

Yuan Fen is  one special phrase Chinese  use to explain why we meet up certain person  during certain time of our life. Whenever we just met someone and felt connected, the Chinese will say that both of you share a strong “Yuan Fen“.

This is why that it is a Chinese tradition that we try to embrace every relationship we have in our life, whether it is with our family, friends or acquaintances.

Here is where I share those random thoughts in life that maybe hard to “categorised sometimes. It could still be somewhat about my passion in marketing or about something else.

To sum it up, I am embracing the Archetype of Magical Effect ( or our yuan fen);  by reaching out to like minded soul in the cyberspace  so as to to engage, share or even collaborate to create value for our quest of our Bigger Life, whatever it may be.

So it doesn’t matter whether you know me in person or you are just an accidental visitor here. What really matters is how we can make the most out of our moment here, so that we can be a little bit better, smarter and wiser before we click away to other distraction in life.

Have You Ever experienced the Archetype of Magical Effect in Action?

Do you think it is a make believe or that the Archetype of Magical Effect is something that make human a different species altogether?

Tell me your story or your thoughts here

Or we can create our own Archetype of Magical Effect from here

P/S: This is actually a rewrite from from something I wrote during one of the darkest moments of my life. Til this very moment, every time I read it, I somehow feel happy and grateful at the endless possibilities  that life can give us sometimes, I really hope you can feel the same here. 

8 Responses to “Bigger Life Mindful Rants
The Archetype of Magical Effect In Action!”

  • Nicole

    I think that everyone comes across this type of notion at least once in their lives. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a Magical Effect, although I do think that there is a reason why we come across the people that we do. There are certain people in our lives that are with us for a long time and we know what their purpose is, but for those who only leave small footprints, and small memories, it is harder to discern what exactly their mark was supposed to leave on our lives. I think it has a lot to do with how we view other people based on what qualities they have and what qualities we prefer when we look at people. Those that we find appealing, we connect with a strong bond and therefore that relationship does indeed become magical as Carl Jung would put it.

    It is indeed true that we should cherish every one that walks into our lives no matter how small a part it seems that they play, because in the end it is those who we surround ourselves with that matters. I find that with this specific “Yuan Fen,” it also shows up when we are learning from other people, for those who we look up to, we usually create strong bonds with.
    As for passion; if we are passionate, we will find like minded individuals who share the same archetypes as us… and when this happens… we are indeed part of a magical connection.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Thank Nicole for you insightful reply. “Connection” with another person that do not have a direct relation with us can sometimes be inspiring, but the magical parts is what it may have lead is to.

  • Hector Hidalgo

    I agree with Carey that is is sometimes hard to trust your instincts, especially if you have been burned before. However, there’s not denying that yuan fen does happen, even if it is rare. Just because it IS so rare, maybe that’s why it’s worth taking a chance on when it suddenly appears in your life.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Actually, a lot of people like this concept in terms on the more “romantic” sides of life, but Yuan Fen can be on a wider perspective. It does not only mean in terms a girl friend or boy friend kind of things. It could also be that classmate that you are close with, the relationship with your boss, or even between a student and teacher. But yes, always worth to take a chance in terms of romance in life!

  • Melissa Tatuma

    Do you think that Yuan Fen is involved in the concept of a “soul mate?” That feeling that you have always known each other, or that you were “meant to be together.” I’ve heard of this happening to people. They feel like it’s a destiny or something like that.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Ah! “Meant To Be” and Soul Mate, another 2 interesting notion about our experience with another person in our life. I know people who have this experiences before, some prevail, while others failed miserably. But what I feel is this….it’s all part of our learning experience about what matters to us most in different parts or times of our life.

  • Carey Stanwood

    Yes, I have felt the magical effect many times – except that I don’t trust it as much as I used to. I previously relied entirely on my own instincts, or the so-called “magical effect” – but have learned to be much more cautious now. Sometimes I wish I could go back to trusting that feeling again.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Indeed, some of the so called “connections” we felt in our life can be misleading, but my experience tells me that a lot of times , it tells something about our selves when things don’t turn out the way we want it. There is always something we can learn no matter how good or how bad we felt with certain people in our lives, and eventually, if we can hold up long enough…something good will come out of it.

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