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NOTE: You Need Your Own Domain, a Cpanel Hosting and an Auto-responder for this offer.

Jason Ser

Who am I NOT?

I am Not a Guru and I Don’t Speak or Write the Queen’s English, just a real person who say what I mean and mean what I say.You can go to free-spirit-insprations.com if you want to know a bit more about me but come back soon!
Now, quite a few veteran marketers says I am crazy to give offer like this, because there are definitely “Gurus” who charged hundreds and even thousands of dollars for same kind of service.Well I won’t be crazy forever. Like I said, this will be a limited offer! Seriously, I will raise the price, change the offer or even close this offer anytime as I see fit.

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Q & A

What if I already have a blog or funnel?
If they makes you money, Keep It! Then get a brand new one here. It’s a common practice to own more than one web property among successful online marketers.

If they produce little or no results, use this offer to relaunch it or start from scratch with a brand new one here.

What is the Main Theme of this Funnel?

We choose Marketing and Personal Development as they are wide enough to give you the freedom to develop into any other more focused areas that you may be more passionate about

Who is this for?
For Newbie who want to jump through the “start up” hurdles!
For Struggling Marketers to restart from scratch with clarity.
For Veteran Marketers who want to add another online asset to their markteing mix

What else do I need?
You will need a Domain, a Cpanel Hosting ( Or any hosting that support WordPress Installation) and a Auto responder ( Aweber or Get Response) for this offer.

What does my Funnel promote?
The funnel have 2 back end offer. Both offers required ZERO UPFRONT COST to be affiliates and they kind of “Synergize” each other.

Offer 1 is a reputable online publishing community where both their publisher and end user can make money by sharing viral web content online.

Offer 2 is a ClickBank Product ,a Web Traffic Solution that creates Viral Traffic in a Fun and Easy Way.

Can I promote or select my own offer to promote?
Yes you can! This is a Web Property that is 100% OWNED by you, remember? Although we do recommend you to keep the main funnel in tact because it works very well so far.

But we had designed it for you to change or add more offers in the back end easily. You are also given the power to model upon this Pre-Build Funnel and create any new funnel you want.

Why is the price so low?
We are going to increase the price and sell it elsewhere once we have enough testimonials from our special offer client. So the faster you take action, the more benefits you can get. So we recommend you to get it while it last~

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