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How To Unlock Your

Marketing Black Box

Today?(AKA… The Black Box Concept)

Marketing Black Box --- The Hidden Desires Behind Every Consumer Decision

The real underlying reasons behind every consumer decision are not completely understandable. At times, it may even seem illogical at times.

Marketing Black Box (AKA, The Black Box Concept) is about every marketers attempt to determine the various factors and patterns that drives consumer into their decision.

It is every marketers dream to understand the inner workings in the consumers mind. We want to speculate or even predict the outcomes of our marketing campaign.

 But How Do We Unlock The Marketing Black Box?

Unlocking the Marketing Black Box requires  the fundamentals of marketing and beyond. Many consider it as Part Art and Part Science. It involves the rational and the romantic. But it all really boils down to the following:

(1) Our ability to measure our marketing activities and determine the implications behind the figures.

(2) Our understanding of the behavioral and psychological aspect behind the consumer decision process.

(3) The knowledge, skills and resources to master the above two. Then use them in an innovative and creative way to develop products, service or even an offer for our target market.

If you can have all 3 , you will have a way higher chance to unlock The Marketing Black Box. I started this discussion about Marketing Black Box years ago in another blog of mine. The response was pretty good but the Blog was never continue due to various unforeseen circumstances. A close associates of mine, urge me to restart it here in IMBlackBox.

By sharing my experience, observations and knowledge about marketing here, I hope we can engage in some interesting conversation. We can share and learn from each other knowledge and experiences; be it the  very basic or  the latest marketing ideas, case studies, tools and resources…etc.

Perhaps we can even unlock and discover a few new ideas and fresh perspective inside our Marketing Black Box together?

So Tell me, What’s Your Latest Discovery In Your Marketing Black Box?

Or you can check out our [Marketing Black Box] archive to continue our connection here.

9 Responses to “Marketing Black Box”

  • I am here in this blog because of the mmd gift but it is nowhere to be found and doesn’t know how to get it.. anyway, this blog looks lovely and I got some tips as well .. thanks

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Thanks ZP. Should have spend more at MMD, but you know, so many things is happening at the same time. :)

  • Chantelle

    I had always wondered what exactly went into the “surveying” portion of statistics when trying to figure out what exactly the consumer decisions would be. I think you are correct in saying that it involves both the “rational, and the romantic,” as consumer decisions can be based on a whole slew of different aspects that may or may not affect how they are going to buy, what they are going to buy, and when they are going to buy.

    Now as for the marketing aspect of the scenario, it is easy to determine what marketing strategies should be employed when focusing on certain and very specific consumer products, but it becomes more difficult if you are analysing a wide spread inventory. When looking back in hindsight on the figures that the marketing analysis comes out with, it is extremely difficult to know precisely what implications were used in order to provide that exact output of data. So, knowing and understanding the behaviour of consumers and the psychological aspects that drive them is incredibly important to finding and obtaining that target market. If you cannot determine what drives the behaviour, then knowing step one and step three will not help. But you are definitely right in saying that knowing all three will bring a higher chance at unlocking what you call the “Marketing Black Box.”

    Very interesting!

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      thanks for your insight about this subject Chantelle. Well the best answer to all answers is always this….TEST IT! :)

  • H. Silidonia

    The idea of the black box is an interesting one. It assumes that the box is empty inside and that we as marketers need to fill it up? Or is it assuming that there is something already in there and that we need to open it in order to discover the inner workings of the consumer?

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Interesting questions you have here. Never thought of it. Well, as the famous quote from a movie [Forrest Gump)…” Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

  • Lisa Hubbard

    It all depends on what you are marketing, of course. But I’ve usually found success when I’ve put MYSELF inside that black box. What am I myself feeling … what motivates me about the thing I am marketing … what are the implications or the effects on my own life if I buy this product or use this service? We forget sometimes that the people we are marketing to are really just the same as us. And we sometimes need to jump in that black box with them.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      And this is what I find myself keep repeating to my students and clients. But it’s easier said and done . as marketers,we always have to remind ourselves not to let our “EGO” get’s in our way when implementing our marketing strategies.

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