Marketing Black Box On Michael Douglas’ GREED DRIVEN Business Mind Set — Thought Provoking VIDEO!

Using The Human Greed Factor In Your Marketing, Is it a SIN?

A few years ago, an internet friend of mine Giofranco,  responded to a article I wrote about the inner workings behind the mind of a target market that drives to their buying decisions with the following comment:

“For some marketers the first motivator is probably greed. But there are marketers firstly motivated by an ethical sense. Avoiding being judgmental, we could agree that the two opposing motivators have a place in marketing, like the binary forces that seem to drive life.

Greed is a very powerful force, and is instrumental in developing new mechanics. But an ethycal sense can leverage the new mechanics for a good end.”

His response brings me back to the memory on the popular “Greed Is Good” speech by a character Gordon Gekko (Played By Michael Douglas) in the 1987 Movie Wall Street.

Here’s what he said in the above video clips in written words…

“  The point is, ladies and gentlemen,that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.Greed is right. Greed works.Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

Greed in all its forms, greed for life, for money, for love, for knowledge, has marked the upward surge of mankind — and greed, you mark my words — will save not only Teldar Paper but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA…Thank you very much.

Many had argued that is the exact  mentality like this that caused the Economic Melt down that we are experiencing now. As a marketing professional, I always have this question lingering in my head once in a while:

Greed, whether you like it or not, is one important psychological drive that  a lot of marketers used to get consumers buying what they sell. But my question is this…are there any ethical consequences when we used Greed as the sole motivator in our marketing?

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  • April

    I do not agree with the justification of greed, and I do not think that greed in the very sense of the word does us any favours. It is not necessarily good, but it definitely does present the “evolutionary spirit,” as mentioned for it is with greed that humankind is exactly where it is today; both with the good and the bad. Now, greed in a controlled sense, is not bad… it is what allows us to obtain our dreams, have our money, love others, and have a thirst for knowledge. But when greed is carried too far, over the line of our determination to succeed, then that is when it becomes a negative aspect of our society and personalities, for when this happens we become nothing more than hungry savages so to speak.

    When greed is involved with corporations, I cringe. Corporations do society as a whole (when driven by greed) absolutely no good. So as mentioned in the comments below, the stock market crash of 2008 is just one facet that illustrates how greed can (when manipulated) actually kill an economy. With this said, greed plays both sides… in the short term it may get us what we want, but in the long term if it is manipulated, it will ultimately lead to an awful end.

    We must be determined enough to achieve what we want, we must have the drive for success, but we must not over utilize the avarice of greed, for it is an evil when gone wrong.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      It had not killed the economy yet, but it sure have cause some issues that we all desperately looking for a solutions now.

  • Sarah M.

    I lost everything I ever had in the real estate crash of 2008 and following. Literally, everything. And you know what – it was because of greed. Yes, the banks screwed up the entire economy and were ruthless bastards – but I chose to own 17 properties. And I chose to sign those papers. Do I resent the banks? Of course I do, and I hope they all pay severely for what they did to honest working people. But we all played a part in the downfall. So are desire and greed synonymous? I think they are, a lot of times.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Hi Sarah, hard questions to answer. We can simplified our whole reasoning like what you said. It’s the 2 side of things we must strive forever to balanced I guessed, between pure greed and desire with a good will

  • George Cadonia

    I haven’t heard the term “evolutionary spirit” before. Sounds like a fancy term to justify greed, and a justification for doing whatever you want, regardless of who you mow over to get there. Yes, we evolve constantly – but HOW we evolve makes us good or bad. Don’t sugarcoat greed.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      LOL! Yeah business person and marketers like me always play with words and I am not scare to admit it, but you have a point here. Don’t sugarcoat greed.

  • John Huerta

    Desire is a powerful motivator, this is true. Is all desire bad, though? Of course it isn’t. Desire is what fuels passion, perseverance, achievement and a host of other good things. It’s just a fine line when your desire outweighs your sense of social consciousness and infringes on the rights of others to have a decent life. Thus Wall Street corporations ruining the lives of ordinary people.

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Yet alot of us goes on with our life unaware of what the WS guys is doing that made our economy where it is now.

  • I truly do understand the premise of your argument, and, in its simplest form, it is an accurate portrayal not only of Professional Marketers, but of the mental dynamics of people in general.

    Again, when viewed through the lens of “coarse simplicity” it would seem as though the element of “Greed”, in all its forms, is the common denominator and the stimulus for all growth and the evolutionary spirit.

    However, I truly believe it does disservice, not only to our profession, but to legacy of humankind if we insist on adhering to such an unrefined perspective.

    Allow me to clarify my point. Individuals, communities, cultures, countries, indeed the world and universe at large inherently possess a form of “Duality”. Regardless if we use examples of good/bad, male/female, soft/hard, hot/cold, internal/external, excess/deficient, or any other example. These are the opposing forces or conditions that produce a dynamic and overcome stagnation. The principle of Yin/Yang has represented this concept for ages.

    That being said, humankind does possess varying degrees of virtue. It is from a more “Refined” perspective and greater contemplation that, I believe, we can realize that virtues such as “Love” can degenerate into “Lust”… a peaceful, calm and tranquil personality may degenerate into “Laziness” or “Sloth”. “Greed” is what develops, when discipline is absent, from the positive virtue of “Desire”.

    The equation was established at the beginning of time and it hasn’t changed:

    Strong Desire + Strong Emotion = Manifestation

    It is the positive Virtue of “Desire” implemented in a moral and conscientious manner that is the motivation and stimulus for positive growth and truly “captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.”

    • Jason Ser

      Jason Ser

      Wow Mark! You dig deep into the issues within. Perhaps is part of how we will evolve, but it’s not as ideal as we hope for what I can see. But still we keep our self positive.

      Desire Greed Desire Greed….Do we have a better choice?

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