Marketing Black Box Case Studies 1 –
Michael Dubin’s One Dollar Economy!
The 9,996,484 Views Video

60 Sec Video. . .9,996,484 YouTube Views 

And 12,000 Recurring Customers 

In 48 Hrs Selling One Single Product -

One Dollar Shaver!

If you have been following me for a while, you will know how I LOVE Simple Ideas That WORKS! 

Michael Dubin’s [Dollar Shave Club] is one GREAT REAL LIFE EXAMPLE! See how he used 1 Simple 60 SEC Video to generate 9,966,484 YouTube Views (& Counting)…and “subscribed” 12,000 Recurring Payment Customers…In JUST TWO DAYS! And guessed what is he selling?—Razor Blades!

Watch This Video To See What I Mean…

Let’s face it! Out times are tough! With an ever stressful economy situation to deal with, every Business now face more challenges as ever especially so for Small and Medium Business. Yet we also live in a very Powerful Time where we have really affordable technology at our hands to thrive even when we have little resource as compare to the Big Boys in the market.

Michael Dubin’s [Dollar Shave Club] Video Message Is Clear, Simple, Funny yet comes with REAL FACTS of what they are selling.

No Hype, No Fluff! Just The Facts Of an Existing Problem with a Simple Solution, presented with a bit of humour and you got yourself a winner at your hand!

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O You can check out his site at  to see the “whole concept” of how Michael’s brilliant marketing and business model

Note: Right Mix case studies is a collection of real life case studies of products, services or business model that comes with what I called the “Right Mix Elements”, something that I taught to my private students and revealed in my book The [Fast Build It] Game Plan.

Then go here for a more in depth discussion 

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Michael Dubin’s One Dollar Economy!
The 9,996,484 Views Video”

  • Excellent and very powerful. I think people who can think up ideas like this have a special talents that not everybody has. Thanks for sharing.

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