Google Glass!
Just Another Overhyped Product?

Google Glass is either on it’s way to an un-chartered territory of endless new possibilities or another overhyped product that will fall quickly.

The above is a quote from someone I met recently during the China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong. The person who said this is in the business of iPhone accessories, a diehard fan of Apple but is struggling with the ever increasing competition of “i-accessories”.

We started this conversation when he saw I owned the 2nd generation of the “Generic” Google Phone, He is curious for my reasons for choosing an rather unpopular smart phones over other branded Android phones like Samsung, Sony, HTC or the most popular of all – APPLE iPhones.

I told him my choice is really not on popularity and not ONLY on the specification of the products but rather what Google as a company believe in terms of their vision in business and innovation.

I shared with him on my speculation on the situation of i-accessories market about 2 years ago. Everybody wants in to sell iPhone Accessories because is Booming but I can see that this market is simply turning into a RED Ocean very quickly and it did. And I had been observing the market for new opportunities that Entrepreneurs can capitalize on and think that 2 of the next “Blue Ocean” opportunities will be on Microsoft Surface and Google Glass.

Now for those who didn’t know what “Blue Ocean” is , Blue Ocean Strategy is a business concept  first revealed from a book with the same title [Blue Ocean Strategy] a business book first published in 2005 and written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne where it  they suggests that an organization should create new demand in an uncontested market space, or a “Blue Ocean”, rather than compete head-to-head with other suppliers in an existing industry (Red Ocean).

While the competition of Smart Phones Makers along with their accessories supplier is cutting each each throats in terms of market and brands, Google is approaching the market with a little Twist with a rather Big and Bold Vision with Google Glass!

Google Glass- Not Just a “Hands Free” Replacement For Your Smartphone,

Google Glass gives you a whole new experience with the integration of almost every Must Have Gadgets and Web Social experience in our times.

What Google Glass is…

Google Glass is your phone

Google Glass is your camera

Google Glass is your camcorder

Google Glass is your voice recorder

Google Glass is your music player

Google Glass is your web browser

Google Glass is your Social Web Sharing Tools

Google Glass is your PDAs, map for direction, your search tools, your Translators, your Wiki and MORE…

I was so tempted to use the word “Portable” in front of all what Google Glass is. But then it won’t feel right because Google Glass Free our “Hands” from all those experience.

So is Google Glass is on its way to an un-chartered territory of either endless new possibilities or is Google  Glass Just Another Overhyped Product ?

Endless Possibilities? Yes!

Overhyped Product? Maybe

But Google Glass is definitely creating a whole new Blue Ocean Market for the bold and positive to leverage on. So are you ready to take your share of the Google Glass Economy that is coming to our way very soon in the future? Tell me what you think or you can

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Click Here To Learn A Bit More About Blue Ocean Business Strategy


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