Once I wrote…

“No matter how rich you are, there is always something that you will need from another person. And no matter how poor you are, there is always something of value that you can offer to someone else.”

Let’s do things a bit different here. Let’s Play a Game…instead of starting everything from me, let’s start with YOU for a change. :)

I want you to breath and be still for a little while… put your ” inner skeptic” aside and let your heart and mind be the boss for the next few moments…

I want you to imagine now that you have the Absolute Power to be whoever you want to be, or do whatever or be anywhere or with any person you want? What will be the answers that comes straight into your mind?

Then share with me by leaving a reply below

And if you choose to, other than sharing me the answers above, it would be great if you can also tell me…

  • A Brief Intro about yourself As A Person.
  • Your “web presence” if any, (E.G. Website, Blogs, Linkedin Profile, Gplus..etc) 
  • Tell Me Who You Really Are?
  • Where Are You From?

If we have not known each other yet, then tell me how you get here?

What are you Good at? What do you suck at?

Your love, hate, passion, expertise, strength, weakness,unique experience or anything you may want to share according to your free will.

Just Leave A Reply Below To Tell Me More…

Really, we do not know when there will be a day where we will need   that “little bit of extra help” to overcome the hurdles we may face for our online venture. It could be me helping you  but in could be you helping me also; or it could even be US working together or collaborating for something awesome to come!

And there is only one way to find out, so go ahead and leave your answers below.


Jason Ser

P/S: Once You Shared About Yourself, You Will WANT To Continue Our Connection Here.




6 Responses to “ABOUT YOU”

  • Danielle

    Hello here, my name is Danielle. I am huge on making sure that our lives are balanced between both work and play, for being stressed is one of the things I hate the most! I absolutely love playing sports, both soccer, and basketball, and like to spend a lot of time in book stores. I am from Ontario, Canada, and my work consists of being a General Transcriber. I would have to say that my favourite web presence would be on social websites like Pinterest, and Redkonnect. Finally, I must say that I completely agree with your statement about rich people always needing something from someone, and poor people always being able to offer someone something… as it is the rich people who are always looking and the poor people who are always well aware of what they have and are humble about it.

    I would rather be able to give to others rather than be in the constant flux of feeling like I need something from someone.

  • Terry Borj

    I like the quote at the top of this post. I once had a wealthy friend who was constantly unhappy and saying that she wanted something to fulfill her. She had plenty of money to buy whatever she wanted or to travel, etc. But she didn’t do any of those things. She wanted to do something worthwhile. She moaned and groaned and whined about not doing anything worthwhile, and this went on for months and months. So I finally got sick of hearing it, and sent her a list of 100 things to do that could change a person’s life forever, some of which required very little money at all. For example: Tutor a child who has no parental input in their lives. Give them a sense of self-worth through achieving things academically. This could change the entire course of the child’s journey in life.
    Guess what? I never heard from her again.

  • S. Blackburn

    I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, and I know full well that I could be either one at any time in my life. There’s a line in the original “Arthur” movie, where the grandmother weighs in on the argument of whether being rich or being poor makes you happy. She says “I’ve always been rich and I’ve usually been happy.” That one works for me.

  • David Sternum

    If everyone were to be totally honest, wouldn’t we all say that our ideal life would include lots of money? The reason I say this is that having lots of money gives you the freedom to do the other things in life that you REALLY value and want to do. Yes, having good health and a happy family and all that comes first – BUT having money contributes in a huge way to those things being in good shape. For example, if you don’t have money, you likely are not getting good health care (at least if you live in America) — and if your kids don’t have the things they need to succeed in life (due to you not having money to help them), then your family suffers. Therefore, isn’t having money near the top of anyone’s list of what they wish for in life?

  • Frederick Crawford

    My name is Frederick Crawford. I am a pastor of a Baptist Church who believes in JESUS CHRIST. I am married with four children. Our oldest daughter is about to graduate from college. I enjoy helping people and having fun. Going to Baseball, basketball and football games are one of the ways I enjoy life. I’m looking for ways to earn additional money to do more ministry.

    • Black Box J

      Black Box J

      Thank You Frederick for being the 1st to connect with me here. I had sent a mail to you. Let’s chat further and hope we can make something meaningful out of our connection here. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance or perhaps you helping me with your suggestion. :)

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