Welcome To Jason Ser’s IMBlackBox.com



So What Is IMBLACKBOX Really All About?  

iMBlackBox.com Is Really All About My PASSION In Marketing and Sales. It’s my collective resources from my experience as a marketing and sales professional (both offline and online) along with the knowledge & skills from years of testing and learning from some of the best mentors around to Unlock what we marketers called The Marketing Black Box.

But There Is More….

iMBlackBox.com Is also about me Living Out The BIGGER Life! So you will also find some of my Random Musing to unlock another kind of Black Box —The Black Box Of Our BIGGER LIFE

And if you think this About Page is too short … It Is!

Because instead of BORING you with another “Resume” page, the best way for us ( you and me) to get The MOST Out of YOUR Experience right here, right now is for us to Connect and Learn from each other through what is shared and revealed here.

And who knows? We may be even collaborate for some awesome projects in the future

So Let Us Now PLAY a Part To Create Some Real Value and Meaning For Each Other Today! 

Let’s Start Here…



Or you can visit my Linkedin Page if you insist on knowing me in a “resume” manner, but do come back soon! :)

P/S: I am No Guru and I don’t speak the Queen’s English but I always say what I mean and mean what I say! And I look forward to create something meaningful from our connection here, no matter how long it last!


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